Five tips to Excel in Performance Appraisals

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Performance appraisal is perhaps the Damocles’ sword in the corporate world. You may hate it or disapprove of it, but there is no escaping it. All the folks working in the corporate sector out there, this article will enlighten you on this difficult hurdle in career and thereby lighten your worries.


Stop seeing it as a threat

Take it as an opportunity. It is not something that will harm you. Understand that it is just a tool for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving your skills. Once you start thinking along these lines, you will be able to look at it positively.


But don’t take it too lightly

Seeing it as harmless doesn’t imply that you can totally forget that something called performance appraisal exists. Remember that your long term career goals like pay cheque hikes and promotions depends on this.


Have a realistic outlook

So what you will need to successfully deal with the appraisal process is a reality-based strategy. You got your job with a lot of effort, so don’t lose it or cause your own de-promotion. The professionals who are there to assess you are humans too. Making them understand your uniqueness in the team is the key.


 Highlight the strengths

Instead of worrying about your weak points, focus on your strengths. In an appraisal, highlighting the fact that your strengths weigh over your weaknesses will make your position strong. And you will be seen in terms of your strengths and not weaknesses.


Stay calm

Panicking over the appraisal will only make the process worse. When you freak out thinking of the appraisal all the time, you get confused and more and more worried. Yes, the best version of you is the confident you.

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Rony George

Rony George Thottakkara is a graduate in Psychology, English and Journalism from Christ University Bengaluru and is pursuing Masters in English with Communication Studies. An impromptu writer, fervent reader and a zealous planter, he believes in the amazing power of mind to transform lives for the better.

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