The Ordinary Miracles of Positive Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Wondering what sort of a thing it is, well, it isn’t as complicated as it may sound. We all do this in our daily life. Let me tell you how it works. Your English teacher tells you that your essays are very good and you are most likely to win the interschool competition. You internalise the prediction, attempts the competition and wins it. Seems ordinary? Self-fulfilling prophecy is when you believe in the prediction of something and that eventually happens. Yes, your belief makes the difference!


The power within

Expectations and prophecies about you have an immense power to boost things. There is no mystery involved in the working of self-fulfilling prophecy. The power to change the future is vested in your own hands. Positive self-fulfilling prophecy is also known as the Pygmalion effect. The underlying factor that provides strength to live up to the expectations is the expectations themselves. Interesting, right?


Positive feedback

The concept of positive self-fulfilling prophecy is most evident in the academic realm. In some experiments, it was proved that students for whom the teachers had a positive expectation performed considerably well as opposed to their counterparts. However, there was nothing special about these students and they were just randomly chose. Still their performances varied based on the level of expectation on them.


At workplace

Positive feedback plays a major role in other areas too. In the work environment, if your manager or boss predicts something positive for you, chances of you internalising it and acting as if it is already happening is very high. So, always remember that a compliment of yours can make someone more productive!


The other side of the coin

There is another side to self-fulfilling prophecy. The demerits of negative self-fulfilling prophecy are equally powerful. If someone else is prophesying a grim future for you, there are chances for you eventually end up there. So the point is, give the people around you an opportunity to reach their optimum level of functioning.


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Rony George

Rony George Thottakkara is a graduate in Psychology, English and Journalism from Christ University Bengaluru and is pursuing Masters in English with Communication Studies. An impromptu writer, fervent reader and a zealous planter, he believes in the amazing power of mind to transform lives for the better.

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