Tune In to your Inner Voice

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The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.” – Blaise Pascal

Call it inner voice, sixth-sense, soul perception or intuition, it is a gift if you have a beacon of light from within that constantly guards and guides you. Haven’t you had circumstances where you instinctively knew something though you couldn’t explain how you knew it?


It is the way in which our subconscious connects with the conscious mind. It makes use of no logical thought processes and comes natural, whether we pay attention or not. There is nothing as powerful as strong intuition to act/feel right, or as Carl Jung puts it, “to divine the possibilities of a situation.”

Intuition has a communication system of its own which varies from person to person, situation to situation. It could be a signal, a hunch, gut-feeling, an image/sound, a memory, a flash, an inspiration, another person’s voice, subtle hints and tiny cues now and then, an overwhelming instinct, compulsion, that urge us to act in a particular way, stop us from doing something not good or harmful, express the right words, reach the right place at the right time, meet that special person.

Possibly you may take it lightly or do not understand at the first instance, so the message repeats again and again through various means till it becomes clear. If you are unsure, another cue comes along the same lines of the first message. And it all makes sense at some point, when the time is right. You’ll know, when that time arrives and follow through.

Intuition is not a commanding force, but an ‘invitation’ to consider certain actions, new ways of thinking, change of attitude. You may be surrounded by messages, still the interpretation could be incomplete, influenced by your perceptions. So wise is the one who puts common sense to use and decide what makes sense to do.

You shouldn’t confuse intuition with your conscious mind speaking to you. If you receive immediate answers especially, it’s the ego or the mind playing tricks with you. Don’t fall prey to such hoodwinking. Furthermore, your conscious mind can talk you out of listening to intuition.


Inner voice is soft, often drowned by the loud intellect. You hear it when you quieten your mind and experience silence. Go to Nature where signal receptions are strong. Sort of a deep meditative state until you feel serene inside and breathe calmly. Ask the Universal Mind to direct your intuition so you may know what you should do. Let thoughts roam. Ideas and solutions are attracted towards your mind in the process, or later, as a day-dream, a clear image as you work-out, a voice during prayer, part of a song that you hear.

Being positive, curious and introspecting regularly helps access intuition easier. Writing journal is a great idea to tap into insights and hidden feelings. Reflecting before sleep on a question that you want answered, your subconscious would have processed creative solutions while sleeping. Habit of remembering dreams is also welcome as messages lie there to be read.

You should learn to trust when small intuitions become true. Though it’s scary to follow unaccountable voices, trust increases your intuitive capacity. And when your choice is based on intuition, you will experience an inner stillness, the knowledge that it’s right.

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A self-confessed dreamer with a fine mix of sense and non-sense. Her mission is to bring a little more joy into the world. Graduate in English and Communication Studies, she studies at Christ University, Bengaluru.

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