Scoot before Shoot: Are you Camera-shy?

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Even though the whole wide world poses like crazy to capture nearly all moments of life and to cast a photogenic extension of its personality out there, a distinct category of people exists who are painfully shy of the camera. As soon as someone takes out a camera, they flinch and at the smallest opportunity, run away from the scene or hide. Under the lens view, they become nervous and self-conscious.


Sounds familiar? Read our tips to confidently face the cam.

  • Know that it’s alright to feel uneasy before camera. Don’t think of yourself as a killjoy or social misfit if you are camera-shy today.
  • Always take the effort to look, well, like you. Being comfortable with your outfit and hairstyle gives self-confidence.
  • Develop the habit of clicking photos. Begin with more of surroundings, then warm up to the idea of putting you in them.
  • Get tons of practice with selfies and video recordings by yourself. Gives a better idea of good/bad camera angles and focus. You learn that you can actually look good in the right photograph.
  • Tell yourself that you are beautiful in your unique way and you deserve to show off your inner glow, with or without the camera.
  • Invest on a real photoshoot with a professional photographer who can coach you to pose well and feel good about it. Out of the hundreds of images of yourself in different poses, looks, outfits, makeup, lighting and background, you can see yourself at your best in some 10-30 quality shots. Cherish them.
  • To look photogenic, improve your posing. A genuine smile will do for starters. Realise that though it seems fake while posing, it will be perfect and natural in the photograph.
  • Look long at the very many avatars and expressions of yourself in photos you’ve taken. Helps you to accept yourself just as you are.
  • For those pics you think are bad, play with them in Microsoft Paint or some other online picture editing tool to make them look funny or simply, different. Get used to not looking good in some photos. And stop worrying about looks.
  • Focus not on the act of being captured in all your embarrassment. Remind yourself of the intention – somebody wants you to be part of their memories. Incidentally, won’t you like to preserve your memories of the best of life and people?
  • Face your fear, look straight at the camera lens. Smile more and you’ll relax and look natural. Remember something funny or pleasing. Ask the photographer or a friend to make you laugh. Shoot with someone you are comfortable with, or talk to the photographer to ease your nerves.
  • Review your pics and think about what you liked in each. It could be a smile, company of buddies, a nice memory? You weren’t hiding behind someone or something nor making awkward faces? The ones you liked are the ones where you enjoyed the shoot.
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A self-confessed dreamer with a fine mix of sense and non-sense. Her mission is to bring a little more joy into the world. Graduate in English and Communication Studies, she studies at Christ University, Bengaluru.

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