3 Easy Steps to Strengthen your Mind

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You have that manuscript to complete, but words are not flowing as usual. Your mind wanders and you find yourself in the middle of a thousand unrelated thoughts. You wonder if only you had a way to focus your mind on the task at hand. Don’t be daunted by the impasse for there is a way to fortify your mind against the torrent of random thoughts.

Follow these 3 steps to strengthen your mind and train it to bend to your will: –

  1. Detach yourself from your Thoughts

As the first step, you must acknowledge the stream of thoughts to be discrete and identifiable. Now, stand back and observe each of them as a third person, without getting involved in it. Just sit back and watch them pass not letting them have anything do with you.

  1. Identify and Name your Thoughts

When you are “witnessing” your thoughts, name each of them for what they do to you, like “sadness ball”, “fear thorn bush”, etc. When you give a name to each of your feelings, you process them more rationally than otherwise. When you identify and recognize negative memories, you reduce its emotional impact significantly.

  1. Clear away the Negative Thoughts

Once you have named and classified your thoughts, the final step is to let go of the negative ones. Keep the lessons learnt, but let the memory never haunt you again. Just let the memory just pass by like a dry leaf whenever it returns, not affecting you in any way.

Make sure you spend a little time every day to practice this 3 step ritual. The rewards can be life changing. Imagine a calm and clear head a day before an exam or a presentation. What more would you need than a functioning mind that is in your complete control. Let us know how this 3 step formula has worked for you. You can type in your messages into the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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Allwin Joy

Allwin is a Student at Christ University, Bangalore. As a Web Writer, he has helped a number of online businesses sell better. He is passionate about customer psychology and buying behaviour on the Internet. He is also an ardent blogger writing on niches like online marketing and psychology.

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