5 tips to overcome your Social Anxiety Once and for all

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Do you feel like hiding under a desk every time you are asked to face an audience? Do you feel anxious and uncomfortable at the very thought of being put in awkward social situations? If yes, it is very likely that you are shy and suffering from chronic social anxiety. It can be extremely debilitating and you might miss a lot of good opportunities. You tend to think too much and overanalyse each and every step you take in life, and you fear getting involved in awkward confrontations with others around you.

Here are 5 tips on how to overcome your social anxiety and live a tension-free life: –

  1. Join an Acting/ Public Speaking Class

You may wonder why you would even think of joining a public speaking or acting classes, when you faint at the very thought of facing an audience. Surprising as it might seem, this is a tried and tested way to overcome your shyness and social anxiety. Even though you might struggle with the sessions, but eventually, you will see a gradual change in your attitude towards public performance.

  1. Stop being confined to your Comfort Zone

The first step in overcoming your shyness is to attack it in its foundation. Your shyness and social anxiety is rooted in your comfort zone, which is a mental space that your mind walled you within. Instead of lurking in your comfort zone, jump out of it and confront your fears. If you are too shy to speak in public, make sure you use all the opportunity to speak or perform before a public audience.

  1. List your Goals and Make a plan to Achieve them

Invest some time in thinking what you want to achieve in the days ahead. When you set goals, also think of an activity that will get rid of your shyness. Make a list of such activities and include them in your life goals. One such activity would be to have a conversation with someone in your office or college you have never spoken to. This will help you get over your shyness in meeting new people and make you more open to small talks.

  1. Regular Breathing Exercise

Anxiety can cause our breathing to be quick or shallow, which in turn worsens the situation. You can reverse the situation by practicing mindful breathing routines that focuses your attention to the way you inhale and exhale. This can reverse the symptoms of anxiety and work in resolving whatever is triggering your anxiety.

  1. Project a Confident body language

A simple action like folding your arms across your chest can betray the fact that you are a shy and guarded person. Appearance can play a major role in the way you see yourself. Change your body language in such a manner that it exudes a confident and charming personality, so that you start believing in it and eventually overcome your shyness.

Rome was not built in a day. Have patience with each step and you will eventually see results that will boost your confidence further. Let us know how these tips have worked for you in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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