Do you Emotionally Abuse Yourself? Let’s find out

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Do you feel you are the odd one in your peer group? Do you feel you don’t deserve the good things in life? Do you hesitate to express your opinion, fearing you might be wrong? If yes, you are most likely abusing yourself emotionally. Emotional abuse could be detrimental to your self-confidence. You might even tend to unconsciously inspire your external environment to confirm your inner-criticisms and end up becoming a social outcast.

Here are a few common misbeliefs it builds in yourself: –

  1. “Nobody loves me. I am not worthy of anything good.”
  2. “Don’t express your opinion. It’s most likely wrong.”
  3. “Better don’t express your needs, lest they think you are needy”
  4. “I can’t have friends. I am not cool enough”
  5. “I am worthless. Yes, but I am honest about it.”

If you feel this way, the first step in rescuing yourself from this self-destructive routine is to identify the source of such feedbacks. Once, you find out whether these judgements come from an external agency or internally, you can make the necessary changes. If it is some individual whose influence is causing you emotional abuse, then either confront him or her about it, or avoid that person entirely for your own good. If the criticisms are from the inside, you must decide if you would like to deal with it yourself, or seek a psychological counselling.

If you decide to change your situation yourself, you must start by identifying negative criticisms and turning them into constructive ones. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but once you learn how to see yourself in a more positive light by changing the tone of your inner criticisms into more constructive ones, you will notice a change in your overall outlook towards life.

If you need help from an experienced counsellor, you can easily find a reputed online counsellor on the Internet. Check out popular mental health networks like Insighte who can connect you with the right psychotherapists in the country who can help you solve your situation.

Once you start confronting your life’s challenges more realistically than abusing yourself emotionally at every move you make, you will find your splintered sense of self healed and reinforced on every level. It is indeed worth a try. Let us know if it worked for you.

Tell us if the article has helped you look at life more positively. Let us know if we have missed anything. Feel free to share your opinions about the article on the comments section below

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Allwin Joy

Allwin is a Student at Christ University, Bangalore. As a Web Writer, he has helped a number of online businesses sell better. He is passionate about customer psychology and buying behaviour on the Internet. He is also an ardent blogger writing on niches like online marketing and psychology.

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