Fight Cognitive Decline with the Internet

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We are bombarded with information about the harmful effect of internet every day. Is it really a Pandora’s Box? Well, recent studies show that it can have beneficial effects on the elderly population. Yes, you heard it right. At an age when the mental faculties starts nosediving, the internet can help them revive their mental functioning.

We are not suggesting that all the seniors should turn tech savvy in order to improve their cognitive skills. Learning a few basic operations like browsing the web and using e-mail for communication are enough to start off. Once the basics are strong, they can move into other platforms such as social media.


Not a one stop solution

Though it is not an alternative for medication or homecare, digital literacy can help in reducing the intensity of issues like depression faced by the senior population. This in turn leads to lesser decline in cognitive functioning. It is correlated with improved memory and better handling of everyday tasks.


Coping with the Empty nest

When the children leave home for work and education, the parents are mostly left alone. If they are retired people, things can get worse. The probability for the occurrence of loneliness and depression are very significant. In such a scenario, the internet can be fun as well as informative.


Old school ties and other benefits

Being able to interact with old friends and family refreshes memory and provides immunity against dementia to a certain extent in most of the aged people. In addition to this, facilities such as online shopping makes life easier for those who find it difficult to travel.


To assist the elders in taking steps towards digital literacy, children and grandchildren can take the initiative. It might seem useless and time consuming in the beginning, but remember that your loved ones will be missing out on a lot of fun that is easily accessible to you. It isn’t fair to deny this to them just because they are old.


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Rony George

Rony George Thottakkara is a graduate in Psychology, English and Journalism from Christ University Bengaluru and is pursuing Masters in English with Communication Studies. An impromptu writer, fervent reader and a zealous planter, he believes in the amazing power of mind to transform lives for the better.

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