Why you should Love Yourself More and how

love yourself

Are you that nice guy or gal who will go out of your way to be “nice” to someone just to be remembered as “good”, and be loved and respected? If yes, then you would also know the bitterness and the helpless feeling you get at the cold response from the other person. Hey, it is good to be nice! True! However, if you are sacrificing your wants, needs, and desires to walk that extra mile for a special someone, it could do you more harm than good. What you forget is the fact that there is a kind, passionate, intelligent, and creative person craving your love and attention – YOU!

Essentially, you are all that you have in any point in life. What you tend to forget in the frenzy of proving your “niceness” to others is that you are more important to you than anyone else in your life. Sounding a little narcissistic? Nah. A little selfish maybe. And why not? At the end of the day, your existence would be meaningful if only you have around you what you want for yourself. You are invaluable to yourself. You must love yourself more. When you love yourself, you will have happiness within you, and other people would crave to take part in it.

Here are 5 steps to recover from your self-destructive “niceness” misadventure, and love yourself more: –

  1. Stop Worrying too much

Worries are good if they are constructive, but most often they are not! Stop worrying too much about anything. Stop worrying too much about what people expects of you. Focus on what you want from life and not what others want you to do. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself in a sea of expectations, but the virtue of being true to yourself is much greater than sacrificing yourself to achieve someone else’s expectations.

  1. Bid Goodbye Unrealistic Expectations

Keep your ambitions and expectations simpler and achievable. When you find yourself completing each of them one by one, you will find greater satisfaction and happiness than you would have otherwise. If you have set your eyes on a massive goal, break it down into smaller ones and climb the ladder one step at a time. Be “nice” to yourself for once, and keep manageable expectations for yourself.

  1. Shake off the dust, and Rise!

You need to love yourself more when you fall. Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself when you face a failure. Shake off the dust and rise like a child learning to walk. You will get there eventually. Right now, be there for yourself at all times.

  1. Celebrate Achievements

One way to express your love to yourself is to celebrate and congratulate yourself at the completion of your goals. Breakdown your ambitions into little goals and celebrate each milestone reached with a tangible reward like a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate.

  1. Build a life of your own

Irrespective of your relationship status, always have something to do that you are passionate about. Have a hobby or something that you like to indulge in. This not only gives you happiness, but also makes you attractive. You will also gain the respect of those around you when you have a life of your own.

Let us know how these steps worked for you. Let us know if you want to add more to it. We would love to hear from you. Leave your additions in the comment section below.

7 Awesome Mind Tricks to Save a Relationship


Our minds invest a lot of time and energy on relationship building more than any other activity, which is an evolutionary phenomenon unique to humanity. According to researchers, our brains have evolved to be efficient at social skills. We spend most of our free time thinking about relationships and how to improve them. However, we always find ourselves in want of a formal guidance when it comes to the complexities of real-life relationships. Here we have designed 10 mind hacks to save a relationship in real life: –

  1. Make a Conscious Decision to Change

Everything rests on a conscious decision to change. Its only when you really want to change, you can make a practical resolution to actually make that happen. What usually happens is a passive acceptance of the ill habits you are tied up with. It is only a matter of choice to overcome this, and make changes that you truly want.

  1. Reset Priority Lists

If someone or a group of friends are found to be a negative influence on your mind and your relationships, move them down your priority lists, and if possible avoid them entirely. Be with people who care about your interests, who can help you through the transition.

  1. Open Communication

Be honest when you communicate, so that you can observe how it is appreciated or ignored by the other person. Based on the observation, you can reset their position on the priority list. If a person appreciates your honesty and is kind enough to make amends or at least promise you a resolution, hold on to him or her! On the other hand, if all you get is a cold response or a total indifference towards your concern, you must know that your relationship with that person has run its course.

  1. Simmer down on Idealistic Expectations

Do not fantasize too much about absolute perfection when it comes to relationships. Accept the others as they are, without trying to “fix” them. The less you expect from the other person, the happier you will be, and you will also make space for them to surprise you. You must accept that they are not responsible for your happiness, and your need for love or understanding. It’s the misplaced expectations that ruin most relationships these days.

  1. Forgive more, Rebuild Trust

Once, the trust is broken, usually both parties declare that they irreconcilable and call it quits. This is a wrong approach, if you are looking for a strong relationship. What they forget is the fact that every broken trust can be healed and mended, if both the parties are willing to work together focusing on self-growth. You must understand that trust is something that requires effort throughout the lifetime and is something that can be rebuilt if you really want.

  1. Smart Compromise Vs. Argument

When there is a difference in opinion, be assertive if you believe you have the right reason, but don’t end up in an unhealthy argument. When you express your disagreements, your focus must be on reaching a smart compromise that takes into consideration the roles and importance of both parties in a relationship. Arriving at a common ground must be your goal, rather than winning an argument.

  1. Tweak your Idea of Completeness

You are constantly fed the idea of romance and finding the “one” by the media and culture, that you fantasize the arrival of the “better-half” who will save you from your miseries and breathe new life into you. Isn’t that so easy to shove everything upon your partner to make your life easier? But unfortunately, real life isn’t a fairytale where your knight in shining armour or the princess in the castle will “complete” you. You must understand that being complete isn’t in the hands of your partner. It is entirely your own responsibility to deal with your emptiness, dissatisfactions and pains, and not your partner’s.

Feel free to add more hacks that has worked for you. Tell us what steps you have taken to save your relationships with your loved one. Leave them as comments below.