Home Care

Home care works very much like clinical care but with better comfort and effectiveness. Once you confirm your appointment, we provide you with best of experts at your doorstep for your little one, we believe that the best environment for a child to grow and develop is nowhere else but at home.

The normal duration of our session is 60 minutes. The session duration may vary from one child to another, depending on the individual requirement and how the child progresses, it can be extended for the effectiveness of these sessions.

Our goal is to provide you with world-class care and service at a reasonable cost.That being so, all our services will fit your budget. Please contact us for additional information.

All the Insighte care providers are experts In their field and are professionally qualified; At Insighte we train them specially on how to make home an effective place for bringing the best out of your child.

We believe that the best environment for a child to grow is at home. For that reason, we mainly focus on providing utmost care for your child in the most comfortable environment.
But if you want to visit us at Insighte, you can find us at:

No 9, 3rd Main, 37th cross,
KAS Officers Colony, Stage 2,
BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560068

General Queries

The services that we provide for your bundle of joy include:

  1. Behavioral therapy
  2. Assessments
  3. Special Education
  4. Learning Support
  5. Early Evaluation
  6. Parental Counselling

PACT stands for ‘Parents and Children Together’, a model which helps to improve the parenting skills and the child’s behavior and performance. Its focus is on holistic growth, to help your child be more independent. We work as an extended member of the family.

Our payments are very flexible. If you prefer to pay per session, you can do that or if you prefer to pay monthly, you can choose our monthly care packages.

Our team at Insighte is very fond of children; we equally care for their parents too.
For the development children, we provide parental training and early interventions for parents who need them. Feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.


We don’t insist on assessing your child, but Insight assessments are specially designed for understanding the child to devise an effective care plan for your child.

Yes, all Insighte Assessments are done with the supervision of RCI approved psychologists.

Convenience is our priority; so with us, you won’t have long waiting times and queues. Book your appointment and our care service providers will be there to assist you.

We have a special program designed for schools, aimed at i making the classroom an inclusive and interesting environment for every child. If you would like to make your classrooms a happier place, connect with us to know more.

Our Services ?

We don’t believe in providing a shadow service to your child, but what we give is a support teacher with psychology background. Support teaching is one of the high-quality services that we provide. A support teacher is similar to a teacher, but dedicated to just your child in order to help them with various challenges in school easily and make them able to independently handle their lives.

We don’t believe in one size fits all model; we believe in combining the best of all worlds for your child, which involves an eclectic model combining ABA, TEACHH, and CBT, and other behavioral models which works best for your child.

If you are a parent, who just came to know your child is a “special child”,we help you in the transition and make you a better parent as well as Provide child with sufficient training

Insighte Special Educators focus not only on academics, but also helps in improving the self-efficacy skills of your child, training their behavior, so that the improvements are long lasting. This would in-turn make your child independent on the tutor.


Insighte care providers are carefully evaluated and selected based on their professional qualification in the relevant field. One important aspect we look for is love for children. Our doors are always open for anybody to be our family.

Each client of Insighte is like an extended family for us. We have had long relationship with them and because of that, we provide you the best environment. But if you have a problem, we will address it for you.

You can expect a fast career growth with Insighte. Your love for children and your skills determine how fast you grow.