Children live their lives in homes, school and play spaces Why dont we make those spaces inclusive for them ?

We started by supporting a child who was kept out of main stream class room with a shadow teacher so that he can have his friends back. Over the years we have kept innovating products and services to support children in their living enviornment. We know it is not a fairy tale, none of the best ones are. 

Our Leadership Puzzle

We are a team of misfits, professionals, parents and lived experiences. 

Bindiya Shajith

Dr Bindiya Shajith

Head Consultant Psychologist

Dr Bindiya has a PhD in School Psychology and is licensed to work with children with disabilities with over 14 years of experience

jini gopianth

Dr Jini Gopinath

Chief Mentor

Dr Jini is one of the top professionals in mental health field in India with over 14+ years of experience.

midhun noble

Midhun Noble

Founder CEO

Midhun is an ADHDpreneur who have built and scaled two social enterprises. He wants to make the world more accessible for everyone.

Our Inclusion Enablers

One of us ! One of us !

Love being around children and messy work spaces. Join our team and become an inclusion enabler. 

Job Openings

Special Educator

Behavioral Therapist

Shadow Teacher

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