Dr Bindiya Shajith

Child Psychologist

Dr Bindiya Shajith is a Child Psychologist with over 14 years in the field.

She follows a child rights approach and works towards inclusion of specialneeds children.  

She is a TEACCH certified practitioner and is licensed to teach children with learning and intellectual disabilities. 

Dr Bindiya Shajith

PhD in School Psychology 

TEACCH Certified Professional Practitioner

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) Certified Practitioner

Ex Member CWC Bangalore Urban

Director Allinclusive Foundation

Dr Bindiya Shajith is a child psychologist with over 14 years of experience in the field. She is an ardent advocate of child rights and works towards inclusion of children with special needs.

She is a TEACCH Certified Professional Practioner and is the only practioner in India certied in Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS).

She is currently heading Psychology at Insighte.

She is licensed to teach children with learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities.

She provides consultation for families of children with special needs.

She consults various schools in includion. She also provides intervention for regular students with anxiety and behavioral problems.


TEACCH Autism Program, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), USA (2015- Present)

• TEACCH Certified Professional Practitioner

National Law School of India University (2017)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Child Rights Law

The Reach Institute, New York, USA (2016)
• Certified in Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (An approach to
understanding and helping kids with behavioral difficulties)

NC State University, North Carolina, USA (2006 – 2012)
• Ph.D. in School Psychology
• Masters degree

NC State University, North Carolina, USA (2002 - 2004)
• Masters in Special Education
• Specializations in Learning Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities

Child Counselling

Behavioral Therapy

Parental Training

Autism Therapy

Child Psychologist 

Inclusion Consultant

Learning Disablities Support

Special Needs support

Child Counselling 

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Dr. Bindiya maintains a true professionalism and calm. She has a quiet, unassuming demeanor, but underneath she is intelligent, hard working and her evaluations for students are well thought out, organized and sound.

Dipayan Teacher

Working with Dr.Bindiya has been an enriching experience, she has been more of a guiding light in helping us work with students especially with special needs support. Her affable nature, ever extending support and open perspective has helped many students and parents in various ways. Dr Bindiya always has gone out of her way to answer all my questions when I am stuck working with children.

Jeroshini Special Educator

Dr Bindhiya has supported us in making our classrooms more inclusive. She was able to bring all stakeholders together to work towards the progress of the child. We would recommend her for anyone

Nithin K Teacher
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