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Looking for a Shadow Teacher ?


Shadow Teacher system is boken

If you don’t select the right support teacher for your child it can lead to  dependence on shadow teachers and delay their development.

Under Trained

Most shadow teachers are not professionally qualified or have a one time training with limited supervision.

Develops Dependence

Shadow Teachers function more as a care assistant without bringing in any long term behavioral or learning changes.

Safety and Security

It is difficult to verify credentials of an independent shadow teacher or get a replacment if they leave in the middle.

The Kind of support your child needs

Insighte Educational Assistants  are qualified psychologists or special educators who  support your children in school or  online class  from your home to ensure their inclusion and participation in classroom setting. 

They support the child to function independently and to meet their academic, behavioral and social goals. 

Qualfied Professionals

All Insighte shadow teachers are qualified psychologists or special educators and assigned a senior therapist as supervisor.

Develops Independence

We work not only with the child but his also their ecosystem including parents, teachers, peers to enable inclusion.

Person Centered Planning

Our monthly goals and trainings are customized for each child. Parents can montor their progress with monthly reports and daily briefs.

Safety and Security

We did over 6000+ sessions during COVID 19 without a single positive case need we say more ?

Insighte Shadow Model

About us

A team of warm, caring child care experts.

Our Clients Love us

Insighte shadow teachers have really helped with our childrens integration into classrooms.

Poornima A
Neethu helped my daughter adjust into classroom really weel. They also send monthly reports and also have ongoing training.
Vivek N
Insighte took additional effort and supported our children with online sessions and they also support us with home care sessions. Kudos to team at Insighte

Inclusive Pricing

Half Day School

Rs 666

Full Day School

Rs 766

Pricing per day for 30 day monthly bill cycle.


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shadow teacher is an educational assistant who works directly with a single child with special needs during his/her early school years. 

They work with the child in school and online settings to  develop academic skills, social skills, and independence. 

Insighte has been working with over 25+ schools recommended by our parents in ensuring inclusion through shadow teachers. 

If you are looking for a perfect school for your child we will help you in identifying one as well. 

Insighte shadow teachers undergo training and supervision round the year under a trained supervisor with over 15+ years of experience in child psychology. 

They are trained in ABA, TEACCH, Special Education, AAC, Setting smart goals etc. 

Our trainings are customized for each child we work with. 

Insighte also works with existing shadow teachers offered by school or parent. 

We assign them a supervisor and upskill them to work on social, behavioral and academic goals. 

We also ensure they send monthly reports and goals to you and the school SEN team if required. 

Insighte helps you in finding and vetting the perfect shadow teacher for you. 

We do the training supervision and assign an individual supervisor to ensure for them. 

Don’t worry we got you covered. If you are not happy with the performance of the shadow or the shadow leaves in the middle we will try ensuring a replacement as quickly as possible. 

Most children avail a shadow teacher primarily not for academic support.

They might need help with special education, language or social and behavioral support. 

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