Speech Therapist

A speech therapist is an individual who helps in assessing and treating communication problems and speech disorders. 

Teaching gestural communication and conversation skills

Engage the child in functional language activities

Involve the child in Oromotor exercises

Monthly Progress reports and milestone chart

Child is
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Our Care

Home Care Approach

Our unique home care model combines the best practices of therapy
at the comfort of your home.

Child Centered Care

We focus on making the home a learning as well as a comforting space for the child.

Speech Therapy

Experienced speech therapists offering therapy service at home and online in Bangalore

Therapy at the comfort of your home

Customers reviews

My daughter’s speaking skills have improved so much after she started getting trained from a teacher at Insighte. My wife and I are very happy with the improvements.
eaching and training kids who suffer from speaking difficulties is challenging. Teachers at Insighte are very efficient and have helped shape my son’s speaking skills.
The teachers at Insighte taught my son gestural communication among others. These have been very helpful while he makes conversations. Thank you Insighte. Highly recommended.